Thursday, February 19, 2015

Stuck on the couch with a cat and a baby

    This is me right now, stuck on the couch with a nursing baby and a cold snugly cat.
    Little L's bottom two front teeth are so close to popping through the gums and her little nose is all stuffed up.   She needs some comfort and I suppose I'm happy I can give her that.  
    Mr. Mac, the yellow cat, is always cold and likes to snuggle whenever he can.  So here I am stuck in the couch.  They are forcing me to rest and I guess that's a good thing.  Hopefully I don't have to pee soon.  

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Great dad!

    Big L woke up from her nap crying.  She woke up coughing and wet so I guess I can't really blame her.  
   Daddy pealed her pants off while she cryed that she wanted to leave them on and coughing.  Feeling bad he promised ice cream.  
    So she is all set up on the couch watching a show pantless, covered up with a blanket, and eating an ice cream sandwich.  He looks at me and sarcasticly says "a show and ice cream, I'm a great dad".  Big L pipes up with a big "ya!". As in "yes, you are a great dad!".  Guess who is the favorite today lol

What's mine is yours

    I'm sitting here on the couch nursing little L and eating an orange.  You know I thought I'd give myself some nutrition while giving my baby some too.  My little stuffy teething baby had other thoughts on this though.  As I'm taking the segments apart she looks up at me, stops nursing, grabs my orange, and starts to eat it herself.  
After she sucked the segments dry she went back to happily nursing.  
    We'll I guess what's mine is yours little baby, mom doesn't need to eat anyway.  

Friday, February 6, 2015

Driving to the airport

    My husband had to go to California for a few days for work.  Pretty jealous seeing as how they had 65 degree weather and we had -18.  Yes you read that right negitive 18.  At least the sun was out.  
    I was not about to let him drive himself and waste money leaving his car at the airport so we all piled in the car at 6 am.  Thank God for coffee because man was I tired.  I had a hard time falling asleep that night, then little L had a hard time sleeping at around 2 am, and finally big L was up and going at 4.  
    We got going pretty much on time, which really is a miracle in it self.  Of course it had snowed the night before so the roads were slippery.  We were hoping we were going to miss most of the traffic but no such luck.  Then on top of that in a laps in judgment I made the hubby some snacks for the plane, which he ended up not eating, instead of feeding Little L.  I just gave him a cut up carrot and an apple, nothing fancy, but still eat my food man!  Since I did not feed her she started crying a few minutes out. When she did not stop I climbed in the back to try to comfort her.  Nothing but the boob would do though.  So here I am squashed between two car seats leaning over Little Ls body trying to keep my size Bs in her mouth and trying hard not to care what passing cars thought of me.  She fell asleep after about 15/20 min later and so did Big L.  
    Thankfully the rest of the trip was non eventful.  Dropped the hubs off and made it home safe and sound.