Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Hiding my late night ice cream snack

    Last night I had a snack of chocolate ice cream.  Little L woke up before I could dish some out so I just brought the whole carton to the couch.  With her asleep on my lap I absent mindly ate the whole thing :O.  I'm ashamed to admit that there was only one bowl eaten out of the carton before.  
    The hubby walked past me to get a drink and asked if he could put my ice cream away.  I had to admit that it was gone to which he responded "would you like me to throw that away for you".
    This morning I looked in the trash and saw this. 
If you have a two year old that's not how you throw away chocolate ice cream!  She will see it and ask for chocolate ice cream.  She will get upset that I will not let her have ice cream for breakfast and chocolate cereal may or may not be a suitable substitute.  No amount of crying will get me to cave but the whole situation can all be avoided if you just do a bit of rearranging.  
Fixed!  Think before you throw next time my really trying to be helpful hubby.  

*sorry for the trash pictures.  
Here is a cute baby picture to make up for it.  ;)

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Blue mouth

    I'll admit this happened when I was paying too much attention too my phone but it could have as easily happened any other time.  
    Big L has some stickers that you can color yourself. She colored them mostly with a blue marker.  I looked up from my phone; Facebook is way too addicting, I'm trying to kick it but it's soooo hard.  Anyway I looked up and little L's tongue and all around her mouth was blue. At first I could not figure out what had happened but then I fished out the sopping wet sticker and found the culprit.  Good thing we only have non toxic markers. :/   

Friday, April 10, 2015

Yay for sleeping on your own; at least for longer stretches!

    My good little baby slept until I was actually ready to go to bed tonight!  It was so nice; I got to sit and have a snack, wash dishes, AND cuddle up with the hubs while we watched a show!  Then when I was ready to lay down she woke up, nursed a little, then fell back to sleep.

    This works for me, I can do this. It's the only sleeping on her own for 15 min at a time that makes me what to scream.
Good girl little L.  Is it asking too much to repeat this tomorrow night? 

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Fixing a lift and flap book

    Well I may have let my 2.5 year old watch four shows already this morning and have her whole chocolate bunny.
Hey she did poop in the potty and ate almost a whole carton of strawberries, so don't judge.   I may have waited too long to check a diaper and as a result the baby had a poop out.  The floor may really need a vaccume and I have already had a good cry but this was fun; I fixed a lift and flap book.  

Some cardboard, fabric swatch, hot glue and a marker and it's kinda as good as new :)
  By the way I kinda hate lift and flap books and pop up books because they always seem to get ripped and ruined.