Wednesday, October 29, 2014

A day in the life. . .

    Here is my day in picture form.  This is a pretty average day for us.  I thought this would be a fun way to show the reality of a sahm also it was fun to take a million pictures. :)
    To start here is little L falling asleep in her play gym after her first feeding and a diaper change.  Big sister was watching a show. 
    I was drinking hot chocolate and wishing I could sleep too. 
    When she woke up I sat little L next to big L for some sister love and a cute picture. 
    Yogurt smoothie mustache and peanut butter cracker crumbs. That's a good breakfast, right?
    Play time for little L
    More playtime and yup this is my livingroom.  I do my best, that's all I can say. 
    Laundry time.  Big L was unusually helpful.
    That's pathetic me being pretty excited because after a million washes and avoiding the dryer, the stain on big Ls leggings is gone! She fell in a puddle the first time she wore them.
    Big L fell down.  She was fine but told me "help me up". 
    Snack time.:/ don't judge.  The bag of popcorn was left out and I made the mistake of eating a handful.  It gave a welcome distraction so I could fold some laundry which has been put back into the hamper and may never see a drawer. 
    Little L fell asleep in her boppy while I folded and L ate.  Bless her little sleepy heart.  I had to take a break from folding because big L moved onto other things. 
    I did eventually make it to the bottom of the basket and we played with the blanket that was there 
    Nursing little L is not nearly as relaxing as it was when I was nurseing big L.  We did managed to get some book reading in to keep big L occupied.  Click clack moo times two. 
    Lunch time!  Leftover pizza and frozen peas.  I just had pizza. 
    Spit up.  Thanks for that little L. :/
    One of the many diaper changes I do every day. 
    So patient while big L uses the toilet 
and throws this fit about wanting to paint instead of going to nap.  
    Nap time or lack there of.  I made her stay in there and "rest" for two hours.  Toward the end I was putting her back in a lot though.  I'm going to cry if this keeps up. 
    Outside playtime.  She used that chalk, that she wanted to bring outside by the way, for maybe a minute.  
    The raisins I spilled all over the floor in my attempt to break them apart to give big L a snack. 
    Little L got some poop on her clothes so I decided at 4pm to get her dressed.  We played on the bed for a while and L watched a show on the couch.  I was hoping she might fall asleep, no such luck. 
    Later big L had a poop accident and poor little L was a fussy butt the whole time I was cleaning her up.  Ugh 
    Dinner time.  It was leftover day. L and I had tacos.  
    The painting project I set up that did not keep her attention for nearly as long as I was hoping it would. 
    When Daddy got home he had leftover spaghetti.  L decided she needed to have mac and cheese. He made her pasta with melted shredded cheese.   He also put on a Spider-Man show.  We watch way too much tv in this household.
    Then they had play time 
    Bath time for both girls.  Little L cried for most of hers and so did big L.  She had wanted to help bathe her sister but was not listening so I would not let her help.  She then did not want to take her bath. 
    Finally bed time! 
    Once the girls were down I went to sleep too. After my day I was beat. 

Friday, October 24, 2014

Tummy time

    Um ok, I'm not so sure about this tummy time thing

    Ok I've decided.  I don't like it, pick me up mom! 

    This is the best she has done with tummy time in a while.  Truth be told though, I haven't been doing as much tummy time as I probally should. With big L I made sure to have her do tummy time at least two times a day.  Oh well little L will survive.  
    Just this week I have started making tummy time part of her night time routine.   And in the sake of honesty, just this week I started any sort of a night time routine.  She turned two months on the 16th.  Well better late than never and with this tummy time before bed thing she has been going down so much easier.  No more two hour fight.  Hope it's not a fluke.  Fingers crossed it's not and that she starts likeing her time on the tummy a little more. 

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Red hair

    I've wanted to red for a long time now.  I bought two dyes because I could not decide.  I mulled over it for a week. Well yesterday mid day I had both girls down so I went for it.  
    My plan was to put the color in and mix up meatloaf for dinner while it was setting.  Well best laid plans and all.  Little L, who had been boycotting naps all day decided this time should be no different and woke before the color was even all in.  Luckily the hubs was home and tried to soothe her.  Unfortunately she was not having it.  
    When it was time to rinse she was just as fussy.  My bath tub looked like a murder scene especially since it would not drain well.  Now my toe nails are pink, I missed a lot of my roots, and I have some really dark spots on my scalp.    I think I like it but I'm disappointed I did not do as good of a job as I thought I would. I'm also feeling foolish that I did not wait to have someone help me color it.  
   Oh well what's done is done.  Here is a picture for your viewing pleasure.  The pic looks better than it does in real life. 
And this is what little L thinks of my new hair.  Lol

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Motherhood is a stressful blessing

    All day I have been feeling down and mad at the world.  I did not do anything productive and did not even get dressed for the day until 4pm.  I've let out a lot of tears and at one point I actually threw stuffed animals around the room.  Don't worry no one else was in the room with me.  
    Now at 2:30am I'm letting those feelings all melt away as I'm realizing how blessed I am.  I put little L in her cradle asleep but she woke up.  At first I was annoyed, just like I had been at everything else today.  Then I picked her up and let her lay with me, her head on the crook of my arm, and right back to sleep she went.  

How lucky I am to have children who love and trust me so much that simply being close to me relaxes them.  How lucky am I to have children that want to be close to me?!  I wanted a break so bad all day and now I'm choosing to revile in this pure love and the blessing that is motherhood.  
   Even if I do want to escape sometimes or wish I could have just a few minutes to myself, motherhood truly is a blessing.  This stage of them needing me like this won't last for long in the grand scheme of things.   Still next weekend I'm feeding little L and running out the door.  Mama needs a hair cut and some sanity.  

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Clipping toenails

    I was finally able to clip big L's toe nails.  It had been way longer than I would like to admit.  She would pull away from me every time I tried making it extreamly hard to clip them.
  I bribed her with toe nail polish.  Yup and you know what I don't feel bad.  Her nails are clipped, she is happy and so am I :). I would say "why did I not think of this before" but I actually I tried this bribe once before and had no luck. Today the idea of pretty colors on her toes sounded like a great idea to her I guess. 

Monday, October 6, 2014

My little stinker

    So it's 2:50, little L wakes and wants to nurse.  No problem I'll give her the boob and we will both go back to sleep.  Oh no I smell poop, ok I'll change her then we will go back to sleep.  Well my nose lied to me, no poop.   change the wet diaper, get her all swaddled back up, start to put her back to sleep, and then she poops.  Really child, really, you just had to wait for the clean diaper hu? Oh Well it's 3:20 now and she is back to sleep, just another day in paradise. :/  

Friday, October 3, 2014

4 AM wake up call

    Motherhood; coming to terms that "sleeping in" is sleeping until 7am.  It's also coming to terms with the fact that waking up for the day at 4am will happen. I'm not happy about it but that was when I was woken up by my little two year old angel :/.  I don't have the patience or fight in me to get her to go back to sleep at 4am and watching a movie did not work so this will be a super fun day( sarcasm, just incase you could not tell).