Thursday, July 24, 2014

Dirt sure is fun!

    They are redoing the sidewalk where we live; L could not be happier.  She has been playing in the dirt since they took the cement out.                                                                         

   Ya, she gets dirty but isn't that what being a kid is all about?  She will wash and so will her clothes.  I don't have the energy or the desire really to deny my child this joy.                                                                     

Monday, July 21, 2014

Well rested

    I'm not going to say much about it because the first rule of sleeping through the night is you don't talk about sleeping through the night.  I will just say that for the past three nights I've been well rested.  I will also say that sticker charts may actually work.  All hail the power of stickers!

    I also added a picture wall by L's bed.  Used double sided tape and put up pictures of her with family so she could look at them if he woke in the middle of the night.
    Honestly I'm not sure what the reason is all I do know is I'm happy and really hope this continues.  Please, please let this continue.  Just in case I'll be knocking on wood all day.  Saying a little prayer might be a good idea too.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

children and their sleep can be funny

    Children and their sleep can be funny, other times it can be extremely frustrating but this post is focusing on the funny.
    This week L has decided twice that the chair in her room looked like a better place to sleep then her bed did.  No idea why; my guess is she really was trying to stay up longer and was expecting me to say "no, sleep in your bed".  If I had done this she would have cried and in the end prolonged bed time.  I instead said go ahead, and then moved her after she was asleep.  Sneaky mom I am. ;)

    This decision to sleep in her chair reminded me when she was about 10 months old and she decided that the floor right beside her floor bed was a better place to sleep.  There was a small rug and she moved her pillow so I went with it.  I laughed inside and scratched my head too.  This phase lasted about a week.  
     Its been a few days since she has tried to sleep in the chair so she may have gotten over this phase faster.  I wonder if I will see anymore funny sleeping places out of her.  Well if I do I will be sure to share.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Ending the day with pie

     It was a wet and chilly day, really does not seem like mid July to me.  It's been raining a lot lately too.  This is summer not spring, get with it weather!  Luckily Tuesday mornings are toddler time at the bounce house place.  Although a bit of a struggle getting L dressed and out the door we made it.  And I even got a lunch packed for us,  go me! Ha nothing special: cheese, crackers, yogurt with honey, and a fruit strip. 
    We had a blast at the bounce house. To bad it had to end with a poop accident 😳😁. I had enough wipes to clean it off the bounce house but had to use rough bathroom paper towels to clean her up.  I can't wait till she starts pooping consistently in the toilet.   Apparently candy is not enough of an incentive.         
    She only napped the 3o minutes it took to drive home.  She had been staying asleep when I would bring her in after morning outings, seems like that streak may be over.  That was a bummer but she at least she rested with half of Frozen and an episode of Daniel Tiger.  Also a super short nap led to no fighting for bed time so I'll take it.  
    I did have a bit of an emotional break thinking of everything that needs to be done around the house.  Probably not the best thing to have a crying fit infront of my 2 year old but I'm only human.  Not only that but I'm a pregnant human who feels like I have a million things to do and only enough time and energy to bearly maintain my household.  L was super sweet though and told me she loved me, aww.  Then insisted I read her a book.  
    After L went to bed I showered and tried to go to bed early.  After tossing and turning for an hour I decided to get up.  So instead of staying in bed and not sleeping I enjoyed some cherry pie with vanilla ice cream and an eposoide of Master Chef.  Pretty glad I made myself go to the grocery store this afternoon.  I really did not feel like it but I wanted sweets and that desire was stronger than my want to just stay at home.
My yummy late night snack.
The pretty picture, or as pretty as I can take anyway.  
The picture that shows the reality of my life.
Stained couch, crumpled toddler shirt, and a face down baby that was never put away.
Either way my treat still tasted just as good.

    Tomorrow is a new day and I'm not sure what it will hold but you can bet it will probably still end in pie.  ;)  Fingers crossed it does not involve cleaning poop out of a pair of tiny underwear though.  


Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The end is near, am I ready!?

    I'm to the stage of pregnancy where I am ready to be done.  Four weeks into my third trimester and. . . well this picture I found pretty much says it all. 
Yup thats how I feel.  My daughter asks me to read her stories and I can read one before I feel out of breath.  I have had to ask my husband to help me up when I decided it was a good idea to sit on the floor.  Getting comfortable is darn near impossible and I'm really not sure how much more my belly can stretch.  I know it's too early and I will wait till this baby decides it's time but I can't help but feel ready for this pregnancy to be over.    
    On the other hand however I feel like baby could stay in until 42 weeks.  Im done being pregnant but really can not fathom the idea of having two little children to look after, to care for and nurture.  
    The idea of adding a new little life into our family scares the crud out of me.  Im sure it will be great for the most part at least.  Im sure I will love both girls with all my heart.  I just can't help but wonder how the hell I'm going to to do this.  How am I going to be a mother of two?  How am I going to fulfill the needs of two little girls and keep some shred of my sanity?  Am I really going to be able to give them both all the love and attention that they need?  How is L going to handle being a big sister?  How is my marriage going to handle the newborn stage all over again.  I have all these concerns and more as the birth of our second daughter quickly approaches.  
    My body is telling me the end is near and it's time for baby to come into this world soon.  My mind is screaming "Noooo, we are not ready for this!".  Regardless of whether this child decides to come at 39 or 42 weeks this family will have its new addition soon enough.  I will soon be a mother of two and by the grace of God we will all survive, I suppose.  

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Happy 4th of July and a sleepless night.

    This morning I was woken up at 5:30.  I'm not sure how in the world my 2 yr old felt that this was enough sleep.
    She stayed up an extra hour last night so we could light off fireworks. Which she loved by the way.  The last few she clapped for, so cute.  She kept calling them birthday cakes and that she needed to blow them out lol.  I had no idea that her birthday cupcake made such a big impression.  Makes me feel bad we did not do a party, it was just the three of us celebrating. 
    As another side note letting a two year old hold a sparkler is pretty stressful.

   Anyway she went to sleep a little after 9, normally she is in bed by 8.  She was up with daddy twice and both times it did not seem like she went back to sleep easily for him.  I could hear her saying she wanted me but:
1) I was tired
2) She needs to be ok with him putting her back down.  My attention will be divided soon.  Pretty nervous about this really.
3) The next day was Saturday, I figured he could sleep in till whenever, where I would be getting up with her in the morning regardless.
    So she went down an hour late, woke up twice and still was telling me she was awake at 5:30.  Yes I know you are awake, I would really like you to be asleep though.  I made her lay down till 6, she was not happy about this.  No such luck though and at 6 we were up and going.  She sure is my little energizer bunny.
    We are praying that this new little addition will like sleeping much better.  Regardless I know I better get used to the sleeplessness since it will be worse the first few months of baby sisters life.
    In conclusion, why am I complaining?  I don't need sleep anyway, right?  Big hugs to all you other sleepy parents and an even bigger hug to the ones who are doing it on your own.