Monday, May 4, 2015

Washing dishes

    This is an old picture; from when big L would still let me put her hair up, but it's still how I wash dishes 85% of the time.  If she is not right next to me "helping" me wash dishes then it's a safe bet to assume she is sleeping or watching a show.  
    She stands on her folding step stool; this is about the one we have.  Before her daddy bought her that she would use a kitchen chair.  It's also what she uses to help bake and cook.  
    When I first started letting her "help" me wash dishes I gave her a little sponge with soap.  It turns out "helping" me wash dishes really means pretending to cook.  Which I suppose is fine, there are worse things for her to be doing and it keeps her busy.  She usually "makes" spaghetti, Mac and cheese, pancakes, or birthday cake just in case you were wondering.  
    It's a little harder to wash dishes this way since I'm a little squished but the job gets done so I will continue to let her "help".