Thursday, November 20, 2014

Stealing my smoothie

    So I made a smoothie for myself yesterday.  Banana, mixed berries, and coconut milk.  How much smoothie do you think I actually got to drink? 
The answer, maybe half.  My beautiful dancing flower as she called herself, and yes this is how she went to bed, sucked most of it down.  At least I got some healthy stuff in her for breakfast.  

Wednesday, November 19, 2014


    This was us at 2pm today.  Big L was fighting her nap like crazy today.  She slept in late today but she still needed her nap.  We had a huge melt down fit over taking a bath and then a few other ones about me not playing doctor with her when I needed to give little L a bath.  
    I've been sitting in her room lately and that has been enough for her to fall asleep within 30 minutes.  Today she needed more.  Today I had to put my legs over her for a bit to make her lay down.  Then once she stopped fighting it so bad I had to pat her back.   Thank goodness little L was willing to play happily on her sisters bed for the most part at least.  
    We finally had success!  She took a nice long nap!  She needed it just as much as I did. 

Thursday, November 6, 2014

The truth is. .

    The truth is it's ok if I have a sink full of dishes.  
It's ok if the laundry room is overflowing with dirty clothes.  
It's really ok if clean clothes sit folded in baskets for months at a time.  At least they got clean, right?!  
It's ok if my couch is cluttered and stained.  
It's ok if the living room rug has not been vacuumed for three days and the stairs has been even longer.  
It's ok that the recycling has not been taken out in a month, I'll get to it eventually.  I have great intentions in saving the environment.  
And it's ok that we all stayed in our pajamas today.   
    The truth is I know this all to be true but I don't truly believe it.  That's my new goal, do what I can and be ok with what I can't.  

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Always too hard on myself

    I was beating myself up pretty bad today.  Thinking I'm no good at this mom stuff and that I'm awful at keeping up on the house.  
    Now at the end of the day I see I'm not really all that bad.  I may not be the best but I guess I'm not half bad either.  I mean my house is still a mess.  The sink is full of dirty dishes, the rug and steps could use a vacuum, and toys did not get put away today.  

But I did 
- nurse little L a ton 
- take little L to get the rest of her two month vaccines
- bake cupcakes with big L, as promised.  Still a little peeved at my hubby for buying the mix and telling her mommy will make these with you tomorow.  Thanks for that one babe.  
- wash and dry three loads of laundry
- make iced tea for the hubs 
- get the hard boiled eggs that I made yesterday cut in half to make hard boiled eggs.  We are half way there. 

Also everyone is still breathing.  

    So I guess the tears may have been for nothing because really that's a good amount of accomplishments for one day. Maybe I'm not as bad at this as I thought I was.  Tomorow is a new day and I hope I can remember I'm not the worst at this whole mommy and stay at home thing.  
                Yum cupcake batter!