Friday, March 20, 2015

Two ingredient pancakes

 Here is Little L enjoying her breakfast of one big strawberry and a two ingredient pancake.  
Last night I thought the two ingredient pancakes where a Pinterest fail. Today she is eating them.  Although they were not easy to flip.  I used a banana from the freezer so maybe they would turn out better with a fresh banana.  
    If you don't know what two ingredients it's 2 eggs and one mashed banana.  Some of my pancakes turned into scrambled eggs.  Yup that looked about as appetizing as it sounds.  :/.   
   Big L is having strawberries and coco puffs.  "Chocolate cereal with chocolate milk" as she calls it.  
    Disclaimer: I am not giving my child chocolate milk in her chocolate cereal.  The cereal turns the milk brown so she has started asking for chocolate cereal with chocolate milk.  Not like chocolate cereal with white milk is so much better but there are worse things in the world.   

Monday, March 16, 2015

No more pajamas

    Big L has decided she does not like pajamas anymore.  If you tell her "its time to put your jammies on".  She will respond " no not jammies, regular clothes!".  

    I would rather her wear pjs to bed but I'm not going to fight her about it as long as she is wearing something to bed.   I do make her wear elastic wast bands at least, no zipper and button pants.  
    This has turned out to be a kind of good thing though.  She puts regular clothes on at night and wakes up dressed.  No more fights about getting dressed in the morning!  I'm not sure if she has thought this through or not but she made a comment the other day that made me think she has.  I said "I need to go get dressed, and then we can go".  She looked down at her body and said "I'm already dressed!".  
    As far as I'm concerned she can wear regular clothes to bed for as long as she wants.  

Baby and her food

Feeding herself a spoon of mashed Avocado 
Avocado! She loves avocado.  
Apple.  With just two teeth she can really eat a lot of this.  
Carrots agian just because I love this picture.  
Sweet potato is defiantly a fav. 
Summer squash! She has also had zucchini.  
Egg, yum!  Also we got a high chair!  A kind mom of four just gave it to us.  
Not pictured she has also had strawberries, rice, banana, and oranges as you saw in a different post.  
When we started solids she did not see to like them so we would go days without eating solids.  I've switched to chunks of food and she seems to enjoy that much better.  Now she likes to eat with us so she eats 1-3 times a day.  She doesn't ingest much but she has fun and is kept busy.  
I'm so much more go with the flow as far as food, and really other things as well, the second time around.  

Thursday, March 5, 2015

On the move

    Time to start regularly cleaning the floors; little L is on the move.  She is not really crawling yet but within a span of five minutes or less she can make it across the room.  She flips over as fast as I put her down on her back, turns in circles, and shimmies back until she can anymore.  
   She puts what ever she can toward her mouth but seems to prefer any type of paper.  She also seems to enjoy licking the floor.  Hope this is modivation to keep them clean.  I guess I can at least run the vaccume a few more times a week.