Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Little L is here!

    The anticipation is over,  I am now a mother to two little girls.  Little L was born early saterday morning via C section.  I had planned a natural birth but baby had other plans.   She was a breach so a c section was the safest option.  

We are happy and exhausted.  

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Banana bread

    We made banana bread today.


    I love to let L experience cooking and baking but man it sure is messy,  time consuming, and a little stressful.  I think it took about an hour, maybe even an hour and a half to make said banana bread.  The table, the floor, L, and my IPad (which I had the recipe on) were all a complete mess.  L ate way more brown sugar and crisco ( I ran out of butter) than I even care to admit.  There were also a few sneezes that defiantly made it into the mix as well :/.  350 degrees Fahrenheit for 70 minutes should kill those germs, right?  :/.  She had fun though, the frozen bananas got used up, and she is super excited to eat her banana bread so it was all worth it.  
This is my go to recipe for banana bread and the one we used today.  It's super moist and yummy. My favorite banana bread recipe 

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Melted Butter

    I discovered something that seems so simple it's silly I haven't thought of it before.  If you don't have softened butter on hand, or if your like me and you had softened butter but it had molded, and you had promised a grilled cheese sandwich to your two year old then there is an easy and quick fix.  It does not involve melting the butter slowly in the microwave either, when I have done this I always end up melting it to a liquid state.  All you do is, put a pad of butter in the frying pan, wait till it's melted, then add the sandwich, and cook like normal.  No need to actually spread the butter on each slice of bread.  Im thinking this would work with oil too but I have not tried that yet.   
    I hope this little cheat helps you out.  I for one will be using it a lot, I'm sure.  
    Please feel welcome to share your little cooking cheats in the comments section.  I'm sure we could all use a few more in our tool belt.  

Monday, August 4, 2014

Strange Toddler Eating Habits

    My daughter is a pretty good eater but sometimes I have to laugh and shake my head at her food choices.  
    She likes spinach, which is great.  I love that she likes a food that is so healthy.  Her favorite way to eat it though is straight from the freezer bag to her plate.  Easy for me, but for sure not the way I want to eat my spinach.  She also enjoys frozen mixed veggies.   Come to think of it she actually likes a lot of food cold.  I told her I would warm up some chicken for her for lunch one day and she cried.  She wanted the chicken but she wanted it cold.  Thinking back when she was younger, under a year, I would give her leftover oatmeal and malt O meal in congealed chunks.  She loved it, so maybe this love of cold food is my doing.  Well if it is or isn't I guess that's great because as strange as it might be, not having to warm up all her food is easier on me and I love easy.
L enjoying the frozen tomato that she just had to have.
One thing that did not make it into my veggie broth. :)

    Another strange one is onions.  This is a resent development but she seems to really enjoy them plain.  I was cutting one up the other day, she grabbed the other half and took a big bite.  I thought she would not like it but she went back for seconds.  Since she enjoyed it then, I gave her a small handful for dinner last night and lunch today, since I was having some on my hotdog, She gobbled them up.  
   I won't try to change any of these eating preferences because I don't see the reason to but they will still leave me chuckling a little.  
    What are some of the strange eating habits your toddlers have?