Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Reading herself to sleep

    I'm obsessed.  I have so many pictures of big L reading herself to sleep or falling asleep with books.  It's just the cutiest thing to me.  I can't help but smile and snap a picture when I see her doing this.  The best part is when I hear her "reading" the story.  
This is the first time she fell asleep reading.  :)
And the second time <3
Here are a few taken off the baby monitor

Nursing a 20 Month Old

The joys of nursing a 20 month old.
   My first at this point was done and a while before that she was mostly down to right before bed.  This child is a nursing fiend and I don't have the will power at the moment to cut the sessions back, at least it's healthy stuff right??!    
Here is what nursing a 20 month old can look like.  
Ok that's enough we are doing side lying position! 
Aww sleepy baby
So cute until she woke up right at the end of my shower. Right back to it. 
I maybe should start putting my foot down a bit more but until I do this is my life; some moments I love it and some moments I hate it but she won't do this forever.  
    *not pictured are the "I'll stand while you lean over on the couch mom"
The "sit toddler on counter while mom stands" 
And the "big sister is feeling left out so she will give toddler a hug while said toddler is attached to mom's nipple" 

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Finding my Happy

Just a little poem I wrote up today about my constant struggle to stay happy.  

Finding my happy

I'm on the road 
The road of happiness 
Well at least I want to be.  . . 
I keep getting in the car and drive a little ways.  I'm feeling good, I've got the music blaring, the sun is shining, and the coast is clear.  Happiness- yea I like this drive. 
I come across some speed bumps, no problem I say; we can do this bumps and all just keep going.  There are some pot holes now, that's what makes like interesting right?? I come into some traffic, it's harder but I pep talk myself along.  But now the traffic is all but stopped and my can do attitude is gone.  I get off the road, I park my car, and I cry.