Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Waking up

Little L woke me up at 5AM ish. She intrupted a weird dream where someone was trying to steal my identity.  While I was getting her back to sleep my imagination went crazy and I could not sleep.
   This was us after she fell back to sleep.  My eyes are only closed because of the flash.   
    By 6:30 AM I heard little foot steps and then this was us.  
   By 7 we were up.  This is us watching Angelina Ballerina.  I'm drinking coffee, Little L seems to be able to tolerate it now :)
   This is early to be up especially since big L has been letting me sleep into 8 lately.  Often when she is up at 4 or 5 of course.  As much as I like that it has messed with her schedule.  Now maybe it will be back on track.  
   All and all my kids are happy so not a bad way to start the day.  

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas at 4 AM

    My Christmas started at 4 AM.  Loralei came to me with the lovey doll that was in her sister's stocking.  We put that back and laid down.
    Little L decided this was a great time to poop so I changed the first of 3 poopy diapers from 4-5:30.  
    At this point big L spotted the leftover cookie and carrot for Santa and his reindeer.  We went up to her bed and she proceeded to devour the cookie.  She fed her new Elmo doll the carrot oh and I got a bite too.  

   We were all back to sleep in big L's bed by 5:40 and officially started Christmas at 7:30 or 9 which is when dad was woken up. 

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The Magic Little Old Lady at the Grocery Store

    Today big Ls sleep was off.  She woke up at 8:30 and so would not take a nap.  I've been putting off going to the grocery store for a while now so we really needed to go.  
    Since we did not get a nap I was not too surprised about big Ls attitude at the store.  She did not want to stay in the car part so I put her in the front part.  She was upset about this.  She then got upset about the cereal I was buying.  She then threw another fit about the juice I was going to buy her.  
   We are at the self check out with big L crying, me ignoring her and trying to check out as fast as I could.  This little old lady comes up and amazes me.  She asks "are those real tears?".  She then tells her "you need to be good and help your mom out".  Big L's attitude changed right away and a minute later she wanted to help me with the check out.  So we finished our shopping trip on a happy note with her in the basket handing me food to scan.  
    I don't know your name, little old lady, but you are Magic and I am very appreciative of you!  Thank you!   

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Sleep party on the couch. . .kinda.

    Big L was watching Curious George Halloween when she fell asleep on me. Little L fell asleep while nurseing.  Taking this opportunity to be lazy.  Hope I don't have to pee.  ;)
  Too bad little L woke shorty after these pictures and not long after her big L woke up.  This may be a long day.