Friday, March 20, 2015

Two ingredient pancakes

 Here is Little L enjoying her breakfast of one big strawberry and a two ingredient pancake.  
Last night I thought the two ingredient pancakes where a Pinterest fail. Today she is eating them.  Although they were not easy to flip.  I used a banana from the freezer so maybe they would turn out better with a fresh banana.  
    If you don't know what two ingredients it's 2 eggs and one mashed banana.  Some of my pancakes turned into scrambled eggs.  Yup that looked about as appetizing as it sounds.  :/.   
   Big L is having strawberries and coco puffs.  "Chocolate cereal with chocolate milk" as she calls it.  
    Disclaimer: I am not giving my child chocolate milk in her chocolate cereal.  The cereal turns the milk brown so she has started asking for chocolate cereal with chocolate milk.  Not like chocolate cereal with white milk is so much better but there are worse things in the world.   

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