Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Finding my Happy

Just a little poem I wrote up today about my constant struggle to stay happy.  

Finding my happy

I'm on the road 
The road of happiness 
Well at least I want to be.  . . 
I keep getting in the car and drive a little ways.  I'm feeling good, I've got the music blaring, the sun is shining, and the coast is clear.  Happiness- yea I like this drive. 
I come across some speed bumps, no problem I say; we can do this bumps and all just keep going.  There are some pot holes now, that's what makes like interesting right?? I come into some traffic, it's harder but I pep talk myself along.  But now the traffic is all but stopped and my can do attitude is gone.  I get off the road, I park my car, and I cry. 

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