Monday, August 4, 2014

Strange Toddler Eating Habits

    My daughter is a pretty good eater but sometimes I have to laugh and shake my head at her food choices.  
    She likes spinach, which is great.  I love that she likes a food that is so healthy.  Her favorite way to eat it though is straight from the freezer bag to her plate.  Easy for me, but for sure not the way I want to eat my spinach.  She also enjoys frozen mixed veggies.   Come to think of it she actually likes a lot of food cold.  I told her I would warm up some chicken for her for lunch one day and she cried.  She wanted the chicken but she wanted it cold.  Thinking back when she was younger, under a year, I would give her leftover oatmeal and malt O meal in congealed chunks.  She loved it, so maybe this love of cold food is my doing.  Well if it is or isn't I guess that's great because as strange as it might be, not having to warm up all her food is easier on me and I love easy.
L enjoying the frozen tomato that she just had to have.
One thing that did not make it into my veggie broth. :)

    Another strange one is onions.  This is a resent development but she seems to really enjoy them plain.  I was cutting one up the other day, she grabbed the other half and took a big bite.  I thought she would not like it but she went back for seconds.  Since she enjoyed it then, I gave her a small handful for dinner last night and lunch today, since I was having some on my hotdog, She gobbled them up.  
   I won't try to change any of these eating preferences because I don't see the reason to but they will still leave me chuckling a little.  
    What are some of the strange eating habits your toddlers have?  

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