Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Banana bread

    We made banana bread today.


    I love to let L experience cooking and baking but man it sure is messy,  time consuming, and a little stressful.  I think it took about an hour, maybe even an hour and a half to make said banana bread.  The table, the floor, L, and my IPad (which I had the recipe on) were all a complete mess.  L ate way more brown sugar and crisco ( I ran out of butter) than I even care to admit.  There were also a few sneezes that defiantly made it into the mix as well :/.  350 degrees Fahrenheit for 70 minutes should kill those germs, right?  :/.  She had fun though, the frozen bananas got used up, and she is super excited to eat her banana bread so it was all worth it.  
This is my go to recipe for banana bread and the one we used today.  It's super moist and yummy. My favorite banana bread recipe 

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