Wednesday, January 6, 2016

10 Minutes Is All You Need Sometimes

    Today I was feeling touched out, exhausted, and I was having a hard time staying calm with L as the day was coming to a close. 
    The hubby got home after dinner was served.  When he walked in the door big L was in her room because she had been playing in a milk mess she made and refused to clean it up.  After I sent her upstairs she dumped out a basket of clean clothes.  I closed the door and set a timer for three minutes, she needed a time out and so did I.  
   The hubby fixed a bowl, ate, and then disappeared for half an hour.  I mean it was to use the bathroom and then to go in his office for a few minutes.  I'm sure he lost track of time and did not intend to be gone that long and there is a good chance he even returned a few work emails and or texts.  I told myself that he deserved some him time, time to decompress after his day too but I did too.  My day was long and demanding and even though my to do list was not completed I did accomplish a lot.  So when he came out of his office at 5 past 7 while I was shooing the girls upstairs, I decided to leave him to jamas and teeth brushing so I could take 10 minutes.
    I'm so glad I did!  I set my timer, sat cross legged on the couch with quiet music playing and meditated.  I focused on my breathing.  I thought about how I really needed this, what I needed to clean still, and how thankful I was that my husband let me have that time, and that with Gods help I can do this mom thing.  I went upstairs feeling more calm and much happier.  
   A certain cat was also glad I took some me time as he sat purring on me for most of the 10 minutes.  lol

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