Monday, June 23, 2014

Resigning to the fact that TV really is ok.

L, my two year old, has turned into a TV Lover.  This pregnancy has done that to her.  I have been exhausted for much of it, well I'll be honest for all of it.  I'm at 31 weeks so I'm just waiting for the nesting to kick in.  
Back to the TV.  Today she told me today "I want to build a snow man".  Then she asked me where princess Anna is.  Lol you can add her to the list of Frozen lovers.  
Daniel Tiger is still our all time favorite.  We have watched each eposoide more times than I can count.  I can't wait for September when the next season starts.  But I do kinda like the fuzzy guy.  Even if I have noticed L adding "mow mow"
(her cat sound) at the end of a few sentences.  There are good lessons in it and we use those silly jingles often.  
PBS also puts out Curious George, she refers to this as just the monkey show.  We can't forget her first love Elmo.  She only liked the red guy at first but now she enjoys the whole gang.   
    Although I kept her away from the screen for about 18 months. I have now embraced this love.  While it should be used sparingly, and i dont enjoy the fit of "Daniel Iger, one more ime", it has some practical uses.  For example, when forced to be awake at 5:30 AM a 30 minute show gives me a chance to get some liquid energy in my body in peace so I can conquer a day full of two year old attitude. 

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