Saturday, July 5, 2014

Happy 4th of July and a sleepless night.

    This morning I was woken up at 5:30.  I'm not sure how in the world my 2 yr old felt that this was enough sleep.
    She stayed up an extra hour last night so we could light off fireworks. Which she loved by the way.  The last few she clapped for, so cute.  She kept calling them birthday cakes and that she needed to blow them out lol.  I had no idea that her birthday cupcake made such a big impression.  Makes me feel bad we did not do a party, it was just the three of us celebrating. 
    As another side note letting a two year old hold a sparkler is pretty stressful.

   Anyway she went to sleep a little after 9, normally she is in bed by 8.  She was up with daddy twice and both times it did not seem like she went back to sleep easily for him.  I could hear her saying she wanted me but:
1) I was tired
2) She needs to be ok with him putting her back down.  My attention will be divided soon.  Pretty nervous about this really.
3) The next day was Saturday, I figured he could sleep in till whenever, where I would be getting up with her in the morning regardless.
    So she went down an hour late, woke up twice and still was telling me she was awake at 5:30.  Yes I know you are awake, I would really like you to be asleep though.  I made her lay down till 6, she was not happy about this.  No such luck though and at 6 we were up and going.  She sure is my little energizer bunny.
    We are praying that this new little addition will like sleeping much better.  Regardless I know I better get used to the sleeplessness since it will be worse the first few months of baby sisters life.
    In conclusion, why am I complaining?  I don't need sleep anyway, right?  Big hugs to all you other sleepy parents and an even bigger hug to the ones who are doing it on your own.

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