Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Ending the day with pie

     It was a wet and chilly day, really does not seem like mid July to me.  It's been raining a lot lately too.  This is summer not spring, get with it weather!  Luckily Tuesday mornings are toddler time at the bounce house place.  Although a bit of a struggle getting L dressed and out the door we made it.  And I even got a lunch packed for us,  go me! Ha nothing special: cheese, crackers, yogurt with honey, and a fruit strip. 
    We had a blast at the bounce house. To bad it had to end with a poop accident 😳😁. I had enough wipes to clean it off the bounce house but had to use rough bathroom paper towels to clean her up.  I can't wait till she starts pooping consistently in the toilet.   Apparently candy is not enough of an incentive.         
    She only napped the 3o minutes it took to drive home.  She had been staying asleep when I would bring her in after morning outings, seems like that streak may be over.  That was a bummer but she at least she rested with half of Frozen and an episode of Daniel Tiger.  Also a super short nap led to no fighting for bed time so I'll take it.  
    I did have a bit of an emotional break thinking of everything that needs to be done around the house.  Probably not the best thing to have a crying fit infront of my 2 year old but I'm only human.  Not only that but I'm a pregnant human who feels like I have a million things to do and only enough time and energy to bearly maintain my household.  L was super sweet though and told me she loved me, aww.  Then insisted I read her a book.  
    After L went to bed I showered and tried to go to bed early.  After tossing and turning for an hour I decided to get up.  So instead of staying in bed and not sleeping I enjoyed some cherry pie with vanilla ice cream and an eposoide of Master Chef.  Pretty glad I made myself go to the grocery store this afternoon.  I really did not feel like it but I wanted sweets and that desire was stronger than my want to just stay at home.
My yummy late night snack.
The pretty picture, or as pretty as I can take anyway.  
The picture that shows the reality of my life.
Stained couch, crumpled toddler shirt, and a face down baby that was never put away.
Either way my treat still tasted just as good.

    Tomorrow is a new day and I'm not sure what it will hold but you can bet it will probably still end in pie.  ;)  Fingers crossed it does not involve cleaning poop out of a pair of tiny underwear though.  


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