Thursday, September 11, 2014

No accident day!

    L had a no accident day today!  That's right folks, she put all her poop and pee in the potty!  I did not have to clean up even one accident!  And what makes this even better is yesterday she only had a pee accident.  That makes two days in a row that I did not have to clean poop out of pants!  Can you tell that I'm just a little excited?  
    The day before yesterday we went to pick out some prizes from the dollar store for no accident days.  She picked out a little stuffed doll that she was very excited about.  She was also very disappointed that she had to earn this girl and did not get it right then.  Well she earned it to day!  We made a big deal about it and she looked so proud of herself, as she should be.    
    She also picked out a Dora coloring book, some bead necklaces, a super hero cape, some play food, and a velvet coloring poster of Curious George.  Hopefully she can earn one of those tomorrow.   I sure would love for these dollar store trinkets to be the key to potty training success with my little two year old.  After today I'm hopeful.   

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