Wednesday, October 29, 2014

A day in the life. . .

    Here is my day in picture form.  This is a pretty average day for us.  I thought this would be a fun way to show the reality of a sahm also it was fun to take a million pictures. :)
    To start here is little L falling asleep in her play gym after her first feeding and a diaper change.  Big sister was watching a show. 
    I was drinking hot chocolate and wishing I could sleep too. 
    When she woke up I sat little L next to big L for some sister love and a cute picture. 
    Yogurt smoothie mustache and peanut butter cracker crumbs. That's a good breakfast, right?
    Play time for little L
    More playtime and yup this is my livingroom.  I do my best, that's all I can say. 
    Laundry time.  Big L was unusually helpful.
    That's pathetic me being pretty excited because after a million washes and avoiding the dryer, the stain on big Ls leggings is gone! She fell in a puddle the first time she wore them.
    Big L fell down.  She was fine but told me "help me up". 
    Snack time.:/ don't judge.  The bag of popcorn was left out and I made the mistake of eating a handful.  It gave a welcome distraction so I could fold some laundry which has been put back into the hamper and may never see a drawer. 
    Little L fell asleep in her boppy while I folded and L ate.  Bless her little sleepy heart.  I had to take a break from folding because big L moved onto other things. 
    I did eventually make it to the bottom of the basket and we played with the blanket that was there 
    Nursing little L is not nearly as relaxing as it was when I was nurseing big L.  We did managed to get some book reading in to keep big L occupied.  Click clack moo times two. 
    Lunch time!  Leftover pizza and frozen peas.  I just had pizza. 
    Spit up.  Thanks for that little L. :/
    One of the many diaper changes I do every day. 
    So patient while big L uses the toilet 
and throws this fit about wanting to paint instead of going to nap.  
    Nap time or lack there of.  I made her stay in there and "rest" for two hours.  Toward the end I was putting her back in a lot though.  I'm going to cry if this keeps up. 
    Outside playtime.  She used that chalk, that she wanted to bring outside by the way, for maybe a minute.  
    The raisins I spilled all over the floor in my attempt to break them apart to give big L a snack. 
    Little L got some poop on her clothes so I decided at 4pm to get her dressed.  We played on the bed for a while and L watched a show on the couch.  I was hoping she might fall asleep, no such luck. 
    Later big L had a poop accident and poor little L was a fussy butt the whole time I was cleaning her up.  Ugh 
    Dinner time.  It was leftover day. L and I had tacos.  
    The painting project I set up that did not keep her attention for nearly as long as I was hoping it would. 
    When Daddy got home he had leftover spaghetti.  L decided she needed to have mac and cheese. He made her pasta with melted shredded cheese.   He also put on a Spider-Man show.  We watch way too much tv in this household.
    Then they had play time 
    Bath time for both girls.  Little L cried for most of hers and so did big L.  She had wanted to help bathe her sister but was not listening so I would not let her help.  She then did not want to take her bath. 
    Finally bed time! 
    Once the girls were down I went to sleep too. After my day I was beat. 

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