Thursday, October 23, 2014

Red hair

    I've wanted to red for a long time now.  I bought two dyes because I could not decide.  I mulled over it for a week. Well yesterday mid day I had both girls down so I went for it.  
    My plan was to put the color in and mix up meatloaf for dinner while it was setting.  Well best laid plans and all.  Little L, who had been boycotting naps all day decided this time should be no different and woke before the color was even all in.  Luckily the hubs was home and tried to soothe her.  Unfortunately she was not having it.  
    When it was time to rinse she was just as fussy.  My bath tub looked like a murder scene especially since it would not drain well.  Now my toe nails are pink, I missed a lot of my roots, and I have some really dark spots on my scalp.    I think I like it but I'm disappointed I did not do as good of a job as I thought I would. I'm also feeling foolish that I did not wait to have someone help me color it.  
   Oh well what's done is done.  Here is a picture for your viewing pleasure.  The pic looks better than it does in real life. 
And this is what little L thinks of my new hair.  Lol

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