Friday, October 24, 2014

Tummy time

    Um ok, I'm not so sure about this tummy time thing

    Ok I've decided.  I don't like it, pick me up mom! 

    This is the best she has done with tummy time in a while.  Truth be told though, I haven't been doing as much tummy time as I probally should. With big L I made sure to have her do tummy time at least two times a day.  Oh well little L will survive.  
    Just this week I have started making tummy time part of her night time routine.   And in the sake of honesty, just this week I started any sort of a night time routine.  She turned two months on the 16th.  Well better late than never and with this tummy time before bed thing she has been going down so much easier.  No more two hour fight.  Hope it's not a fluke.  Fingers crossed it's not and that she starts likeing her time on the tummy a little more. 

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