Monday, January 19, 2015

Emotional first bite

    Well we did it, we started solids.  Little L has had some allergy issues so we were told to wait till 5 months.  She can't tolerate if I eat soy or dairy.  Talk about hard, I can't believe how much food has soy in it.  Makes me want to do this
Also I drive myself nuts second guessing if dairy and soy both are both the problem.  
    Anyway a few days past 5 months and the hubby would not let me put it off anymore.  I gave her a tiny amount of no sugar added applesauce but I was not exactly happy about it.    
    I actually had a much stronger reaction than I ever expected I would.  I had a pit in my stomach the whole time I was feeding her and I shed some tears after I cleaned her up.  
   I guess the worry about how her tummy would handle it was part of the reason for my emotion.  By the way she was not impressed with the taste but no tummy issues or allergic reactions.  Yay!  
Still I'm going to tread lightly with solids because I can't stop myself from worrying.  
   The other part of my reaction I think stemmed from the fact that she is my last.  We are planning to only have these two girls, so now that I've jumped the hurdle of solids I have to face the fact that I won't be doing that again. I won't be giving a baby their first bite of food again.  My baby's are growing up, I can't stop it, and this is all I have.  
    Now that I have jumped that hurdle I'm kinda excited about her next first taste though.  I'm thinking oatmeal or bananas.  


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