Sunday, January 18, 2015

No naps = no TV after 5

   We have a new rule in our house after last night; no TV after 5pm if big L doesn't take a nap. 
    If she watches tv past 5 on no nap days this is what happens.  
 You might think oh nice, early bed time.  Well we are not so lucky in this house.  If you move her she wakes up, is cranky, and takes a while to fall back to sleep.  If you leave her she might sleep for 30 minutes, then will wake up cranky and fight sleep.  It's a lose lose situation.  
   We will continue to encourage mid day naps by requiring an hour of rest in her bed.  But one thing I have learned is you can't force a child to sleep.  So if she holds out on the naps I will hold out on tv after 5pm.  Really we watch too much anyway.  
  *update to her being 3.5 and we now feel any nap is a good nap but nap time is still a constant battle.  

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