Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Toothpicks in a colander

    We have let big L do this activity before but this time she set it up herself.  Proud mommy moment right here.     
   Although when she first took the colander out of the cabinet I was   annoyed.  I told her to put it back; I really did not feel like washing it agian.  Par for the course she ignored me and pulled the bucket of toothpicks off the counter.  
At that point I understood what she was doing.  I changed from annoyed to proud.  I'm always happy to have her do a fine motor activity such as putting toothpicks through the holes in a colander.  

    She did dump all the toothpicks into the floor, I was not overly happy about that.  I should have made her clean it up but at that point it did not seem worth the fight.  I wish I had though.  I hate when I look back and realize I've missed a learning opportunity.  Also who wants to pick up a ton of toothpicks off the floor when they did not make the mess? Oh well that's one of the many 'joys' of mootherhood, picking up after your children.   

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