Sunday, January 4, 2015

I want to make my peanut butter and jelly all by myself

    I can't make my daughter's peanut butter and jelly sandwiches anymore.  She has to do it herself, or kind of.
    We bring the peanut butter, the jelly, two slices of bread on a plate, and a little butter knife all to her table.  She attempts to get the jelly out of the jar and spread it on her bread.

Not much gets on and then I end up getting more jelly and in the end spreading it on the bread.  Repeat this with the peanut butter.
She then puts the two slices together and eats.  
     So for the most part I'm really making the sandwich it just takes longer but she loves it and seems pretty proud that she can do it all by herself.  
   Happy side note, this way I don't cut it in half so she ends up eating more crust.  I don't know why but about a month ago she started eating around the crust.  
   She can get her own cup of water from the water cooler now too.  My little self sufficient girl.  :)

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